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Detroit Action is a grassroots community-based organization building power for workers and Detrotiers of color throughout our metro region. A consistent and deliberate attack on our institutions has made Detroitone of the most politically and economically marginalized communities in the country. We build power and transform our communities and fight back against the policies that affect our most vulnerable communities.

Michigan Action is a state-wide grassroots organization  expanding working-class Black and Brown Michiganders’ ability to come together and improve their  communities through leadership development, community organizing and civic engagement. Michigan Action and its local sister organization, Detroit Action, are the alignment of Detroit Action Commonwealth, Good Jobs Now and the Michigan Small Business Alliance as our state-wide vehicle for power. Relaunched with the support of the Center for Popular Democracy in 2019, Michigan Action seeks to be a union for Black and Brown Michiganders to build power and defend our communities.

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