Year-round Civic Engagement

Elections aren’t the end for civic engagement; they are only the beginning. We believe that in order to create political power for our members and our communities, our organizing must engage with the state, against the state and within the state. That means building and supporting the necessary political bench of candidates and elected officials that reflect our values, creating the necessary structural changes that make civic engagement easier in Michigan while pushing our government to reflect our values in policy that is created.

Detroit Action has a long-term commitment to building a base of activist leaders that continue to engage the political process long after the election. We believe in developing the power of working class Detroiters and marginalized communities to reshape our political process. To do so, we incorporate these leaders into organizing committees that remain active on issue campaigns and local politics after the election. 

Our year-round membership canvass engages Detroiters on the issues that matter most to them. We hold monthly political and voter education sessions that provide our communities with a framework for making change in our neighborhoods together.