Communities of color across Michigan have been under invested in, over policed, and under protected. Between the City of Detroit, Wayne County, and the State of Michigan – taxpayers spend billions of dollars each year on police and jails while failing to properly educate, employ, and support these same communities. Public policies at the local and state levels undermine economic stability, opportunity, and public safety by investing in the policing and incarceration of low-income communities, especially black and brown communities, at the expense of long-term programs that promote the common good (i.e. quality jobs, early childhood education, access to affordable housing and mental health programs) and increase the safety, sustainability and well being of our communities. One key challenge is that Detroit does not have the power to move their own best policy for their own city because of everything is preempted and decided by a corporate agenda where communities of color are not a priority.

The Solution: 

Detroit Action is launching a bold and visionary agenda that will realign laws, policies, and budgets with our values of equity and justice. The Agenda For A New Economy will attack the root causes of systemic poverty, racism and violence by launching a concrete plan for state and local legislation to invest in quality jobs, education, and community based programs in the communities that have been systematically stripped of its resources and wealth. Finally, this agenda will provide our leaders with a framework for organizing that wins concrete improvements in the lives of Detroiters and helps build local power in our communities.

Our agenda focuses on the following three key pillars:

Our society faces a myriad of challenges deeply rooted in white supremacy. Creating an economy that works for us all means creating big, bold intersectional solutions that challenge our core problems.

An end to the systems that perpetuate structural racism, patriarchy and economic oppression including mass incarceration, austerity, and disparities in education, healthcare, and food access.

Building an inclusive people’s movement to reclaim our democracy for the many from the influence of the very wealthy and the corporations they control.

Our Issues

Opportunity for All

We believe all Detroiters regardless of gender, education or background should be treated with dignity and respect at work and have access to living wage jobs, full employment and access to paid leave.

Transformative Justice

We believe in local and state budgets that prioritize the needs of our communities and invest in key programs like public education education, access to affordable housing) and divests from policing and jails.

Housing & Neighborhood Justice

A safe, affordable, stable home is indispensable to any family’s ability to thrive. Creating a Detroit for All means fighting for community control of land and resources and ending predatory practices by banks and illegal tax assessments that cause foreclosures. True affordability for low-income and working families across Michigan and fair and equitable development in our neighborhoods, not just in downtown.

Ending Homelessness & Displacement

Challenging the root causes of homelessness and opposing the quality of life laws that criminalize homeless people Homeless people have civil and human rights regardless of our race, creed, color, gender  identity, sexual orientation, or economic, disability, or migration status.

Education Justice

We deserve schools that are fully and fairly funded. A community based-school system that honors and validates the identity, skills, and needs of all people. Structural accountability in every school to uphold the values of people as complex humans who deserve to hone and refine their passions, not a test score.

Green Economy

A rapid economic transformation centered on jobs, redistributive justice, breaking free from fossil fuels, and expanding energy democracy; a future built on caring for each other and our planet.

Dignity and Justice for All Immigrants

An accessible immigration system with a reasonable and timely pathway to legal status in the United States; demilitarization of immigration policing both at the border and internally.

Healthcare for All

Recognition of health care as a human right; comprehensive, holistic and noncriminal approach to expanded addiction services, mandated safe patient to nurse ratios, gun control, and accessible comprehensive mental health services.

Inclusive Democracy

The elimination of corporate and large money donations from politics and the protection and expansion of voting rights for all Michiganders. The ability for residents to have a say in how our cities spend their tax dollars for key services.