Leadership Development and Training

We provide periodic training our members on leadership, specific organizing and activist skillsets, and political education training to help members understand the issues of the day well enough to educate others throughout our community.

Detroit Action driven campaigns provide opportunities for our members to step up and take on leadership through the course of a campaign. When members are engaged in decision-making, strategizing, and action planning, the collective capacity of the membership builds for the next fight. 

In order to build and center the experiences of people of color, we rely on using a number of trainings that emphasize storytelling. It is through those lived experiences that we shape our policy, power-mapping and cultural organizing.

Yearly, we partner with our friends at We The People Michigan to send our members and staff to their Detroit Community Organizer Workshop.

We also hold trainings every other week at our Soup Kitchen chapters on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays.